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"Dr. Stewart Chen was referred to me by a co-worker, a professional photographer who has had back problems all his life, due to the carrying of heavy camera equipment. After a major car crash which unfortunately left me with injuries, my friend suggested I see Dr. Chen, claiming that he had seen dozens of chiropractors in his life and rated Dr. Chen, "the best"! I went to see Dr. Chen a little nervous about my first chiropractic experience, even with such a great recommendation from a trusted friend. I found Dr. Chen to be personable, straightforward, a clear communicator, an effective educator, and a professional. I appreciated that he explained the injury to me, and how he would be treating it regularly. After the first week of treatment, I trusted Dr. Chen's expertise completely, and have already passed on "the best" recommendation to friends. He can crack my back any day." -- J. G.

"I want to thank Dr. Chen and his staff for the excellent treatment my husband and I have been receiving at your office. Before our car accident, going to a chiropractor was never on our schedule of "things to do", but when time called for it to be necessary, we were lucky to be referred to your care. We want to compliment you on your patience, advise and support to us throughout this time. You always showed great concern to our needs, suggesting all possible ways to reduce our pain. We appreciate the effort you put into ensuring our recovery. I also wanted to express our appreciation to your staff. Thank you for all their hard work, they were so pleasant to deal with. We could always count on their cheerfulness and friendliness when we arrived. They have been very helpful and unlike some other medical offices (whose name I will not mention), your staff succeeded in not making us feel lost, ignored and troublesome. Please accept our heartfelt thanks to all of you who made our recovery so much easier. Rest assure, you will be highly recommended to our friends." -- P. and L. P.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Stewart Chen for several months. During this time I have received first rate care with a first rate attitude. My physical pain has decreased greatly. Dr. Chen and his staff have been nothing short of perfection. I appreciate Dr. Chen going into detail to explain my injury and all other prognosis related to it. He has also answered questions not related to my injury at no cost to me. The staff always have great smiles and are courteous. My unpleasant experience of an accident has turned into a pleasant experience in your office. I wish you and your staff continued success in the future." -- L. G. E.

"I am very happy to be a patient in this clinic and have Dr. Stewart Chen as my chiropractic doctor. It has been a while since I have experienced and responded to the correct chiropractic treatment for me. The reason I came to Dr. Chen's office is because of his good reputation in this community. I had been suffering under another kind of treatment with pain in my upper and lower back, neck, hip and knees, constant pain due to an accident. Since I have been under Dr. Chen's care, I have no more pain in my hip. My hip stays in place more often. My back pain is way down due to the proper adjustments and manipulations that I have been receiving from Dr. Chen. I am experiencing less neck, back and knee pain and stress. The pinched nerves in my upper back and neck have reduced. Dr. Chen's rehabilitation program has provided the stabilizing care for my total body recovery. I am looking forward to immediate recovery and return to work. Thank you Dr. Chen and staff members for your compassion and service." -- A. G.

"Dr. Stewart Chen has been my chiropractor for more than 10 years. He is not only my doctor, but a friend. He and his staff treat you as part of a family. You get the best care and personal attention at each visit. They're never too busy to see you at the very last minute. I recommend Dr. Chen and his staff for your care, needs, and concerns. They're amazing!" -- J. M.

"After our car accident in San Francisco in January, my parents and I came to CarePlus Chiropractic Health Center and were all treated by Dr. Stewart Chen. I am pleased to say that after your treatment, my parents and I feel much better. Because I didn't sustain much injury during the car accident, I recovered much more quickly than my parents did. However, I really noticed the difference in my parents' recovery after receiving your treatment. Of course their recovery wasn't instantaneous. But after being treated by you, I could tell that they were definitely on the road to recovery and that they were feeling much better than before. They are now more energetic and are more able to lead a healthy and active life, because most of the pain on their backs and limbs have disappeared! I just wanted to thank you for making my life, and especially my parents' lives that much more pain-free. Dr. Chen, I really appreciate what you have done for me and my family, both in terms of your treatments and advices. Thank you!" -- J. H., Radiologist

"I was a patient of Dr. Stewart Chen. Something was wrong with my sciatic nerve. Through Dr. Chen's skillful and wonderful treatment, my recovery was not as long nor as painful. Dr. Chen administered heat treatments, paraffin baths, adjustments, electrotherapy, stretches, and everything else he could possibly do to alleviate my discomfort and pain. He even put me in a girdle (smile)! He had a wonderful massage therapist treat me once a week. He took care of me. Even though Worker's Comp turned me down and I only received State Disability, and my HMO would not cover Dr. Chen's services, he continued to treat me everytime I came in to see him. He treated me until I was able to return to work. Dr. Chen is one of the best doctors I have ever the pleasure of being treated by. I believe in Dr. Chen and refer other people that need chiropractic services to him." -- G. E.

"I became a patient of Dr. Stewart Chen through a referral from my friend, Edna Aquino. I have found Dr. Chen's office to be very courteous, friendly and caring. I love the way they treat you as a patient. Their service is great and I would recommend them to my friends and family, and to people that I think could benefit from his help. Before I came to see Dr. Chen I was in a great deal of pain where I could not sleep at nights, but now every time I leave his office I feel better and relaxed. I think I found a great doctor who is very caring and great at his work, along with a staff of professionals who are caring and kind." -- M. A.

"Thank you so much for treating my neck and spinal cord. Both areas are feeling much better now! Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated! Futhermore, I would like to give thanks to Dr. Stewart Chen and all the staff for being so kind to me during my treatment. I hope more people will benefit from your therapies." -- L. T.

More success stories will be posted soon. If you are a patient and wish to share your success, please contact Suzette. Send us a brief paragraph discussing what you are now able to do and enjoy in life based on your results with CarePlus Chiropractic Health Center. Our community will be interested to learn about your success and this should help others make the right decision when it comes to their health.